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“W is for Web” is an LLC (limited liability company) founded in 2008 by Sandra Cheng, a consummate artist who loves to deliver quality work to enthusiastic clients.  Our central belief is that websites are for everyone and can be made by anyone. It is an artform that is amorphous, constantly evolving, and meant to be explored.  “W is for Web” assists clients with both limited and advanced technical and artistic experience, and shares direction, giving the best efforts to meet client needs.

Let “W is for Web” help you visualize your business on the internet. We want to help you close the gap between your true personality and your online persona. “W is for Web” goes double for you.


“W is for Web” is authored by Sandra Cheng, who moved from New Jersey to Los Angeles to attend the University of Southern California. Sandra was offered the position of production assistant at the School of Cinematic Arts.  She graduated in 2005 with a Masters degree in the Division of Art and Digital Animation.

Since graduating, Sandra plays too many video games and is a Wildflowers’ Movement support group leader.

She has experience with a number of software applications including SquareSpace, WordPress, Flash, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, and Photoshop and loves to collaborate with new clients.


Stunning Works in our portfolio

USC Animation

W is for Web author, Sandra Cheng was an alumni graduate in 2005 at the University of Southern California in the School of Cinematic Arts as part of the Division and Animation and Digital Art (Hench-DADA). She was responsible for updating and resolving technical issues on the new and the original DADA website.

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Cirque LA

“W is for Web” was instrumental in making Cirque LA‘s website design in collaboration with GoDesignABP.  Much of this website’s portfolio consisted of video performance artworks and collections of reviews and performance announcements from local newspapers.  “W is for Web” was responsible for actionscript, sound, and functionality for this website.

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Apel Design

Partnered with GoDesign, “W is for Web” helped to construct the flash animated website complete with portfolio flip book for more than a hundred design works to represent Apel Design online in 2009.  Graphic design, sound, and animation-inspired paint splatters introduce this gallery page to new visitors.

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“W is for Web” worked with GILETA Design in 2008 during a transition when this business was relocating from the Beverly Hills area. “W is for Web” created a customized portfolio gallery showcasing flower arrangements, home decor, and other art projects.

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Wildflowers’ Movement

Wildflowers’ Movement is the brainchild of PhD candidate, Denise M. who contacted Icarus Project leaders to make a West Coast version of their creative mindfulness-based support group.  “W is for Web” has been collaborating with Wildflowers’ Movement since 2012.

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The Los Angeles County Client Coalition hired “W is for Web” in 2012 to create their first WordPress website.  The LACCC is one of Los Angeles County’s oldest consumer led mental health organization and it has strong ties with the Department of Mental Health, where it still congregates on a regular basis.

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Fashion Therapy of Santa Monica

W is for Web began working with client Fashion Therapy in 2009.  An online shop that primarily sold reconsigned designer clothing on eBay, W is for Web became proficient with photographing items, listing items, and dealing with online customer service.

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